Wednesday, November 15, 2017

Final Project Proposal

Topic Idea

I want to focus on the night sky around Pensacola, especially the difference between the sky in the woods, near the city, and near the water. I want to show the difference between the amount of starlight we can see if the different areas and how it correlates to the number of people or human touch the area has.
I will be collecting images and videos of the night sky in specific areas. I will take my exact location for each spot and go to them at least once every week to collect my data. I will also be recording the sounds of the areas that I am in. I will not be making noise, and will only let my environment supply the noise for me. I will also be collecting different objects from my environments, and I will be looking for what type of lights are used in these areas to see if these have different effects on the night sky.

Installation Idea

  • I would like to make a sort of enclosed area that would use either a "fake" hologram to show my night sky (that will be collages of the pictures and videos that I take) or a light board showing the layout of the stars we can and cant see. While these are being displayed I will have the audio playing as a way of knowing where the sky is in Pensacola. 

  • I will also use the samples of the environment around me I took to make miniature recreations of the places I was collecting my data. There will be little buttons for people to push to make the lights turn on to show the recreations.

Monday, October 16, 2017

week seven - FTP/HTML Reflection

I am trying to figure out how to make videos for my HTML pages, I am going to have them playing in the background while music plays. I already got one of a space cat glitching to a song which is really cool and exciting for me because I figured out how to make the gif full screen and how to get rid of the audio bar at the top of the page. 
I also learned how to use FTP to connect my pages to a url that is easy to get to, which is amazing because now I can actually share my stuff with people, without using something like wix. I have been learning java script in my own time in hopes to add some to certain pages. 
Doing all of this coding is bringing back my class in JAVA which is great because a lot of the formatting for HTML is similar, just with different words and symbols but the concepts are there and I understand them better thanks to JAVA. 

Wednesday, October 11, 2017

week six - HTML Reflection

Holy cow, I learned so much from doing this!

No but seriously I really did learn a lot of new things about HTML that I did not originally know, and quite a bit of the wording and formatting for it was similar to JAVA but so, so much easier. I am excited that hex color codes are acceptable for colors, because at first I thought it was just that short list on brackets, but then I was like no I know its not that, I mean webpages are build with this.

There is still more I want to learn like how to make things scroll down with the page, or float around the page, but I didn't want to overwhelm myself trying to do the first project.

I want to eventually make a website all of my own with HTML, not with wix or any other webs builders or helpers. I would even like to get to where I could make websites for other people too.

Saturday, September 30, 2017

week five - Finished Gifs

week four - Gifs

Gifs have had a huge impact in the way people communicate online. They have changed how we show emotion through the web, much like emojis do, in that they can be used as reactions to other people’s content. It has also become its own language, people can have whole conversations with just gifs; they are so simple yet convey a vast amount of intentions without ever saying a word. Because they are such huge part of daily life on the internet now it was shocking for me to find out that at one point people actually were trying to get rid of gifs. It is pretty amazing to see how resilient something so simple can be, and I wonder if those people were/are still put off by gifs. It's also funny that gif went from being used to make myspace pages “cooler” to what they are now. They were so simple back then and still are today. Many people still use gifs on personal websites to spruce them up and make them more personable. I myself have used one or two on some social media pages but recently have done away with them because they do not have a very professional feel to them, and maybe that has to do with their history. Don’t get me wrong gifs are important in my life and they make my many hours spent scrolling through Pinterest just that much more enjoyable, but they have a childish feel to them. I suppose that could be from the early years on the computer where you can get overwhelmed by the fact that you can put as many flashing and fun images and text on your GaiaOnline profile page as you want, so you can show just how cool you are to others online, but eventually you hit a milestone and realise how hard it is to look at your page with everything blinking and moving at a different speed. Now I don’t really use gifs on profile pages, or on my personal web page, but I do still use them when talking with friends and random people online. Which brings me back to the simplicity of the gif. I know that a lot has changed for computers and the internet in the past two decades but the gif has not it still has the same simple format that can be used pretty much anywhere, what has changed is the software running the gif. I originally thought that the gif had evolved just like computers had but I instead found out it was just the technology running the gif that really changed. Basically, everyone has high-speed internet and at least one computer that is only a couple of years old which means they can run gif from the 80s all the way up to present ones being made while I type this. Which is pretty amazing if you ask me because this is proof that the old gifs and the new gifs are formatted pretty much the same. I mean there are even some online games that won't run anymore because they were made with old flash software that is no longer supported, but if you look up dancing girl gif you will still be able to watch the original gif move until your computer dies. And that’s pretty amazing.

Wednesday, September 13, 2017

week three - 1

I am having trouble getting the images to mesh in a way that looks natural but otherwise I really like how its coming out creature wise. I am trying to make it more obvious that the back legs are deer legs but Im not sure how to make it look any better.

These are the images I meshed together for the final picture but like I said I am having couple on how to move things to make them look like they flow better. Like I know you said there is a way to sorta manipulate the images to almost "turn" them? I think? I have tried looking up tutorials on how to do this but I don't know the lingo of photoshop well enough to look for the right information. Just wondering if there is something more I can do or if I just have to wing it till I learn it.

Wednesday, September 6, 2017

week one - 3

I am thinking of making an interesting mash-up of birds, horses, cats and maybe rabbits. I just want to try and make something really weird looking that would make people just question what they are looking at but still see that it would some how work. I also might add some interesting elements of random animals I think of while working on it but I don't think I will really venture out of the four animals I listed.